Fully focused on Grow.rs so my students can actually learn to build something meaningful in a limited time. 

The rest of my time goes on running Sende and Sende 2 (which will be open in Portugal in 2020). 

Beside that I am working on Kurro (a digital agency composed of mini dream teams of people who stayed in our village).

Soon launching a magazine focused on small businesses in Armenia, together with my friend Nune. 

My future project is a smart communal house somewhere in Portugal which earns money for us that goes for our retirement (when we are not there).

Beside this I have so many nice ideas, but not time to focus on all of them. That’s why I am going to giveaway all of them to my students in Grow.rs 


To get in touch please read this. I use this as my CV. Meet me for a chat here.