Edo Sadikovic

I wrote this just to explain how to get in touch

and do big things together

You can send me a short message vía my LinkedIn or Instagram

But please have in mind that I don’t do (video) calls*.


This shouldn’t stop us to do talk or do business together. Send me a message please. Would love to chat.


I enjoy conversations. Especially during long meals (in Sende), while walking or while cooking. 


For calls that can’t be handled via message, I use my earphones and do an audio call while taking a walk in nature.


But, I try very hard not to schedule calls.


People who have my number just call me and if I am free, we talk.


Maybe this sounds a little prepotent, but let me tell you why I do this (and why you could do the same).


The most important reason for this no-call "policy"


We wouldn’t build Sende, or any other project, if we got so many call requests. (Only this month I had 32 call request). Some other people have more than 100 each month.


All wonderful persons who want to have a call with me is because I built some projects.


And I built them because I wasn’t blocked (with calls).


Now I am focused building Sende Portugal and Village nomads.


My biggest partnerships and deals were closed with a few emails. Without a single call.

Another reason why I don't do calls

I thought I had a phobia of calls.


When I expect the call, I can’t stop thinking about it (like hours before).

Sometimes I think about it a night before. At the same time I like talking to the people I am going to meet. That is confusing?


When I have calls with family or friends, sometimes I walk and talk for the whole hour. And I love it. 


I couldn’t figure out why I liked talking but didn’t like calls.


Then I discovered that it was not because of the call.


It was because of the appointment that blocks my calendar. It blocks my time. It means I am not completely free.


Calendar tells me that I had to be at one place at a certain time. 


This goes even deeper. 


I became an entrepreneur to build meaningful and creative projects. I wanted to solve difficult problems.

And to complete any task our productive time is very limited. One wise man told me once that we should use our best-brain-time** for our dream projects.


Best-brain-time could last only 2 hours each day. Or less.


Do you really want to use this time on a call?


I spend the most of time writing (it means that I need to think and focus).


If I am lucky, I will work 4 hours without being interuppted.

When calendar is completely empty it equals to not being blocked.


It is very difficult to be blocked and creative at the same time.


Anyway, thank you for reading this and if you work with creatives, please let them build things in freedom. 

*Actually I do calls sometimes. When it’s really important or because I am already part of international partnerships where I can’t impact their company culture. (When these calls are on, my days are not productive at all). 

**Hey Clay, thanks for telling me about the importance of the best-brain-time


If you prefer email: sadikovicedo@gmail.com 

Edo Sadikovic

Lobeira, Spain