Please don't put my name in your agenda, yet!

This is a post on  how to contact me so we can build amazing things together: 

I realised why I hate online calls.  

My new LinkedIn connections were saying “Hi Edo“. 

But now they say: “Hi Edo, shall we jump on the call”.

No. We are not going to jump on the call. But, it’s not because of you. We would probably have wonderful conversation. 

It’s because of me. 

Here is why: 

I believe that most of people see calendar like this:

But I see my calendar like this: 

It’s a prison cell. 



And a prison is blocking me to do stuff. 



One zoom call blocks my flow. Instead of sitting and writing, now I need to organise my writing before and after the call. And if there are 2 calls per day, then my writing day is replaced with meetings. 



I was thinking a lot why I hate calls, which didn’t make any sense to me, as I enjoy conversations. 



To go deep in any topic and to understand better, we need to ask questions. 



When I mentor tiny business students, or when I work with clients on marketing or coliving, most of my work is about asking questions and listening. 



Then I go on my walks to process and to think alone. 



My favourite part in conflict transformation trainings is so called debreifing. It`’s a long conversation at the end of each session and time where we lead participants toward the A-Ha moment. 



Sometimes I speak for hours with friends on the phone. Curiously, they are never scheduled. They just happen. 



But when people ask me to go on the call my brain automatically start thinking on what should I say to avoid this meeting. I am terrible lier, so sometimes I just invent unimportant tasks in order to work on them instead of going to the meeting.



And this probably happens because I had too many useless meetings where I didn’t learn anything new, but I did had to block my time, and waste good time.



Most of the meetings could be replaced with one email, a voice message. Even with message sent by a carrier pigeon.



I was playing volleyball in a team for 7 years and I hated it. But once we start playing I loved the game. What I hated is actually going to the training sessions every day. 



I loved more playing street football with friends, also every day. But we didn’t have a schedule. We would just meet around 10 and who is there will play. If you come later, you might enter as a substitute. Or not. 



I understand that many people handle their business with meetings. Many others are forced to attend (mostly employees). Others feels important to attend a call. And this is ok, I understand.



And if this is the case your agenda probably looks like this: 

But please understand that if you to get creative results, or to solve difficult problems or to see innovative products that are changing the world, then you need to let us to have our agenda like this: 

Sende changed many lives, and we built it because no one knew about us, so our agenda was empty. 


I wrote this article so I can be free to build our next biggest program that will change villages and digital nomads world forever. (More information at end of the article): 


However, we love collaboration. 


If you want to build most amazing stuff together, please don’t put me in your agenda, yet. 

The best way to contact me is: 

1. Send me a short message on any network or an email where you will write why we should talk in the first place. 

(I don’t want that this post scares you of writing to me please). 


2. I will answer to you when I see the message. 


3. And if it makes sense, we can organise a call. Preferably not a Zoom or sitting call. 


I think that I can contribute more to our conversation if we just talk on the phone or Whatsapp, and I will be probably be walking while speaking. 


When I answer your message, I will probably tell you: 


“Hey, call me please on this number between 11:00 and 13:00, I will have 20 minutes” and at that time I will probably be walking in the nature or I will be in the garden watering plants. 



I am sure that I am not the only one sees calendar as a prison cell. 



If you work with other people, especially creative ones, just ask them what is the best way to communicate together. 



If we force creative people to fill our holes in the calendar, maybe that is exactly what blocks our whole project and businesses. 


Complete freedom builds wonderful projects. 

Thanks to this post, I can get back to work on: and our new place: 

and I hope you will take part in both of them.