Edo Sadiković: 

Hello, I am Edo and since “forever” I am carrying a notebook where I write down ideas that impact other people. 

I have decided to open these notes and convert them into short articles. 

In these blog series I am going to talk about how we can start a small business and how we can do marketing that looks and feels cool. 

I think (social) entrepreneurship is a great solution for many people, for their families. It is a way to revolutionise neighbourhoods and countries.

I think knowing marketing is about being curious about people and cultures. 

I am cofounder of Sende, one of the first coworking and coliving spaces in the world. Located in a 20 inhabitants village in northern Spain. Right now we are working on Sende 2 in Portugal. 


I work a lot in social entrepreneurship, marketing and conflict resolution. I was teaching about tiny businesses to students coming from more than 60 countries. 

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Together with Sende